People continually tend to skip the attribute
‘endurance’ when following God.Endurance
is the ability of a christian to hold on to God
in the times trials,tests,and
tribulations.2Tim2:3 describes christians as
soldiers of Christ.That scripture makes us to
understand that we should always endure
even when we are not getting what we
want:for even Christ suffered on this sinful
earth but He overcame the world.This goes
to say that in any situation we find
ourselves in,we should always acknowledge
God’s presence cause He will equally make
us overcome our troubles.



It is an inevitible sequence of life,that every human being here on earth has to die .It is a life fact that God created every human differently and as result,we all have different tasks and missions to accomplishe here on earth.One of the challenges which the devil basically use to fight against our responsibility,is ENVY.As true christians,the scriptures makes us to understand that envy is not a fruit of the spirit,and as a result it should be etshewed;one of which is Galatians 6:3-5,which goes to make us understand that if we truely worship God in truth and in spirit,we should not envy because,envy is a product of lust,which is the devil’s personality.Hence,it is best for us to discover our personality and work on it so as to be able to use our gifts and talents equally to the glory of God,as well as helping each other,and as a result,reflecting the love of God around us.Hence in a sentence,followers of Christ,should not lust after the things of this world,but learn to be dependant on God and not on man.